Johnny Hachem conquers Poland, with his compositions as The Battle of Siddim moves audiences

Carla Solo, June 25, 2018

Johnny Hachem, a classical music composer, with a distinct neo-romantic style conquers Poland with his compositions. The rising star from Lebanon has had his most recent compositions performed by several orchestras in Poland and Lebanon.

He first started as a piano soloist, composing and performing many pieces of music like Sunset, The Dawn, It Happened in Mulhhouse, Gesture 1, I Surrender All, Oriental Tornado, Daniel’s Prayer, The Bridge of Teteriv, Miyah, Somewhere Over The Clouds, Takween and Bint el Chalbiyya, amongst many other piano solos. More recently, he has been composing for orchestra, as he continues to perform his piano solo concerts. He has also been working with Lebanese operatic singers, and has been receiving his fair share of news and radio interviews, in the Middle East and Europe.

Johnny has toured all over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, performing his piano solos. He recently performed a piano solo concert on the 3rd June, 2018 in Winterthur, Switzerland. This concert was amazing, and was very well received by the audience. He won 2 international awards for his music in Paris in 2009, and was a regular pianist on the Lebanese TV Show Khallik bil Beit from 2010-2012. Johnny has also composed all the music for a film called I Knocked on the Temple’s Door by Carmen Labaki in 2010.

His composition, The Fourth Watch gained attention in Lebanon in 2014, as it was performed by The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra in Beirut, Lebanon on the 12th of December, 2014. The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra also performed The Battle of Siddim by Johnny Hachem on the 5th May, 2017.

Johnny Hachem’s composition, The Battle of Siddim is famous in Poland. It was first performed by the Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra on the 20th October 2017 in Lublin, Poland. This performance moved the audience deeply.

The Battle of Siddim has also recently been performed by the Koszalin Philharmonic Orchestra on the 8th June 2018 in Koszalin, Poland, with the amazing Jan Milosz Zarzycki, as the conductor. This was a truly beautiful concert, and also moved the audience deeply.

The Battle of Siddim will also be performed by The Torun Symphony Orchestra in Torun, Poland on the 23rd of November, 2018. Tickets will go on sale soon. Johnny Hachem is currently composing a new piece of orchestra called Jacob and Rachel: The Love Story, which should be completed in Autumn.

Johnny Hachem is currently negotiating a record deal with a Polish/UK classical music record label, following a new career direction, under new management from the United Kingdom. Johnny is expecting to record an orchestral album within the next 18 months, and it should be released on CD shortly afterwards.

Johnny Hachem has also recently received happy news in his personal life, as his Ukrainian wife, Tania Zhukova Hachem is due to give birth to their second child, a baby girl, next month. They already have a son called Jason, who is 3 years old. Here at the Daily Inquirer, we congratulate Johnny and his wife!

A Timeline of Johnny Hachem’s Tour Dates


Previous Concerts;

The Fourth Watch

12th December 2014 – Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra in Beirut, Lebanon

The Battle of Siddim

5th May 2017 – Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra in Beirut, Lebanon

20th October 2017 – Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra in Lublin, Poland

8th June 2018 – Koszalin Philharmonic Orchestra in Koszalin, Poland

Upcoming Concerts;

The Battle of Siddim

23rd November 2018 – The Torun Symphony Orchestra in Torun, Poland

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