Meet Me By The Sea by Carla Solo

Carla Solo, June 18th, 2018


(Photo Source: Steemit)

I wrote this poem on Saturday 16th June 2018.

(Photo Source: Love This Pic)

Meet Me By The Sea

We’re walking in the clouds above
We’re floating in the air
We’re falling in love
We’re living as we dare
We’re drawing pictures in the sand
We’re holding each other tight
You’re holding my hand
We’re dancing in the moonlight
We’re swimming in the sea
We’re keeping up with the high tide
It’s just you and me
We remain side by side

Our love will always grow
Even when we’re old
Even when the tide is low
Even when we feel cold
And I wonder if you see
Whilst the world is spinning
Exactly what you mean to me
Our love is winning
The birds are chirping
My heart is singing
No more hurting
The bells are ringing
We are strong like thunder
We are a team
But sometimes I wonder
If it’s all just a dream

Dream, like a dream could come true
Love, like there’s no tomorrow
Live, like what you say is what you do
Focus on emptying the sorrow
Because if you live as you will
If you take a chance on life
A strong heart can fill
The emptiness and strife
Be the lion you were meant to be
Show the world the mountains can be moved
Set an example, it’s your destiny
Show the glory, be the living proof
Pick yourself up off the floor
Take a chance on love again
We can have everything and more
As lovers and best friends

Meet me by the sea
Take a chance on love tonight
I’ll show you what you mean to me
We’ll dance in the moonlight
Open up your heart
We have a lot to discover
Our love can restart
We’ll protect each other

Meet me by the sea
We’ll leave the past behind
Place your trust in me
Darling, hope is blind
We are a team
Let’s discover how we will be
If you dare to dream
Meet me by the sea

I’ll be waiting for you

Written by Carla Solo

(Photo Source: Gallery Yopriceville)

You can also listen to me reading this poem on YouTube.

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