How to practise positive thinking everyday

Carla Solo, April 9, 2018

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You have probably heard a lot about the power of positive thinking, and all of its benefits. If I describe what positive thinking is to you, you probably wouldn’t learn anything new. There is no point to learn the theory of positive thinking, it is more useful for us to practise positive thinking. We all know what positive thinking is, and that it’s good for us, and that we should aim to be more positive. The problem is that we often forget to practise positive thinking, especially as we face stressful situations in our lives. I will give you some tips on how to practise positive thinking. I wish to emphasise that you should continue to practise these tips on a daily basis, if you want to make long term changes in your life.

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Here is a daily action plan for positive thinking that I have created for you;

1. Renew and refresh your outlook in life. The moment you start positive thinking. You start a whole new life. The old negative you is dead, and the new positive you is born. This feeling of renewal is an opportunity to start again. This feeling itself will help you acknowledge and remind yourself that you’re a positive thinker now, and that you are not that negative person you used to be. Refresh. Restart. Relive. Let’s do this!

2. Start each day with positive thoughts. Do this as soon as you wake up in the morning. You ever heard the phrase, ‘you must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed’? It’s very true. If you start the day with negative thoughts, it is likely, you will have a bad day. Instead, start the day with positive thoughts.

3. Say yes, more often than no. Yes, is the most positive word. Feel eager to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Don’t say you can’t do it, yes you can! You are about to experience new adventures now. Life is about to get exciting!

4. Complain less. Complaining is a sign of negative thinking. The moment a complaint enters your mind, and it probably will, ditch it out. You may either need to be more patient, try to solve your problem instead, or if you can’t solve it, there’s no point to worry about what you can’t change. Solutions are better than complaints. Positive thinking is better than complaining. There are times where you may need to make an official complaint, for example; if you’ve witnessed a crime, if someone has offended you or a vulnerable person you know, or if a company sells you a bad product. In these types of circumstances, it’s ok to complain. However, we often complain about things that are not that serious, or that are not in our hands to change, and we need to stop the habit of complaining. When you complain too often, you become an unhappy person. You can make changes. It starts with noticing your thinking pattern, and whenever a negative thought enters your mind, remind yourself that you’re a positive person now, and that you are not a complainer anymore.

5. Live fearlessly. Fear kills hopes and dreams. Don’t be scared to follow your dreams. Yes, you can do it! Whenever fear enters your mind, remind yourself that you’re not a scaredy cat anymore. You can live your life fearlessly.

6. Believe in yourself. Don’t doubt yourself. Doubt also kills hopes and dreams. Be confident. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

7. Be in control of your life. You have that power in you. This is very important. Sometimes events, circumstances, and/or people hurt us. We need to show them that we are in charge of our own happiness, and they are not. They can’t affect us now, because we have allowed ourselves to be happy. They are not allowed to make us unhappy. We have control over our own lives. Be happy now, and be determined to weaken their power over you, and strengthen your own power over the way you think and feel… wait a minute, what if sometimes they do upset us? Well you’re probably normal. It’s ok to be upset at times. You may even feel like you need to have a good cry. That’s ok. However, you shouldn’t dwell on the problem. Return to positive thinking, as soon as possible.

8. Praise yourself more often. Yes, praise yourself, you are a talented person. You do a good job of whatever it is you are responsible for, or whatever it is you do in life. Notice how well you do what you do. To those saying to themselves, ‘oh but I’m not good at anything’. Don’t put yourself down. We all have talents. There is definitely something you are good at!

9. Surround yourself with positive people. If you use social media, follow people or pages that post inspirational, motivational and positive quotes. A community of positive thinkers can help you along the way. However, it is still your responsibility to think positive, and become a happier person. Take the responsibility of helping others become more positive, by sharing positive quotes and links on social media, or by sharing your positive views and outlook on life, when you talk to others. This will help to inspire them. You might just brighten up their day.

10. Be kind to others. When you are kind to others, you help them to feel happy. You will feel happy yourself, because you helped someone, and because you did something good. When you are kind to people, you are spreading positive vibes.

11. Smile everyday. This alone will make you feel more positive and happier. In fact, serotonin levels in your brain will increase the moment you smile, and you will feel happy immediately. Just smile, you have a right to be happy.

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Here is a guide to positive thinking that I have put together, based on the word POSITIVE itself;

P is for Power. Be in control of your life.

O is for Opportunity. Seize all the opportunities that come your way.

S is for Solving problems. Don’t worry about the obstacles you face in life. Be practical and try to solve your problems instead. The problems that can’t be solved are not worth worrying about anyway.

I is for Internal, because it all comes from inside. Don’t complain about your external circumstances, or what others may think of you. Be confident. You have it in your hands to live the life you want.

T is for Time. Be patient. It will take time to achieve your goals in life. Those who stress over their ambitions are the unhappiest people. Take it easy. You will achieve your goals, given time.

I is for Independence. It’s your duty to take care of your own happiness. Don’t rely on others, or blame anyone else.

V is for Vision. Visualise the kind of life you want to live. It all starts with vision. This alone can make you feel positive instantly.

E is for Enjoyment. Whatever happens, just enjoy the journey.

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I want to talk a bit more about vision. Whenever you have a goal in life. It all starts with a vision. When you visualise how you will feel, when you have achieved your goal, you become instantly positive. Visualise a happier, more confident version of yourself. What will you look like? How will you feel? Where will you be? What have you achieved? When you purposely visualise images in your mind, this is a cognitive process called creative visualisation. It is a form of therapeutic meditation. It only take a short time to do it, and you should commit to visualising everyday. It is completely possible to achieve your goals in life, and it is completely possible to achieve positive thinking instantly. You just need to visualise yourself achieving your goals in life. Take those steps to achieving your goals, and re-visualise frequently, to remind yourself of your goals. Be a winner in life. Visualisation is the key to motivation and eventual success, because it all starts with a vision. Achieve your goals in life, but remember not to stress over them. Happiness is the best form of success anyway.

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I believe that when you think negative, you are choosing to be sad, and when you think positive, you are choosing to be happy. The choice is yours. There are times where you will feel sad naturally, we can’t realistically be happy all the time, but we can be happy most of the time. Return to positive thinking as soon as possible. You might as well try to be positive, you have nothing to lose! Remember, the glass is half full.

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Live a colourful life! Enjoy your days! Remind yourself to practise positive thinking everyday. I will write more about positive thinking in the near future to help inspire and lift people up.

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