Female Warrior, an International Women’s Day poem by Carla Solo

Carla Solo, March 8, 2018

(Photo Source: Holiday Calendar)

I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!

(Photo Source: Yoga Goddess)

I wrote this poem today, especially for women;

(Photo Source: HubSpot)

Female Warrior

I am a woman

Don’t say I couldn’t

Everything I want is in my hands

I always follow through my plans

Don’t need permission

Just want you to listen

I don’t play by the rules

Especially if they seem cruel

Society provided me a role

It’s my identity they stole

Not into fitting the stereotype

Don’t understand all the hype

So I’m supposed to be this or that

I don’t understand the crap

I am who I am

Whether or not you understand

I try my best to be fair

Even when it seems I don’t care

I’m not asking to be superior

But don’t try to make me inferior

It’s about equality

Because that is the true quality

I am who I am

A persistent and strong woman

The only role I’ve given my acceptance

Is to help a mistreated woman that needs protection

So many mistreated women in this world

Not only women, but also young girls

It’s time to make some changes

Let’s be brave, let’s arrange it

The fight for equality continues

Be the female warrior that’s in you

Written by Carla Solo

(Photo Source: MTV UK)

You can also listen to me reading this poem on YouTube.


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