The link between terrorism and drugs

Carla Solo, February 9, 2018

(Photo Source: Sky News)

The Old Bailey has heard today that Khurum Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba, the terrorists who murdered 8 people in London Bridge and Borough Market in 2017, had used DHEA, a steroid drug.

A taxoloigist will give evidence at the inquest next year, as it was found that they used higher doses than the acceptable level.

It is likely that many more terrorists were taking drugs, before performing their acts.

The terror group ISIS has been selling weed and other drugs to fund their organisations, particularly after seeing a decline in their funding from other sources.

It is likely that drugs is a motivator behind terrorism.

(Photo Source: DePeru)

In 1983, Belaunde Terry, the President of Peru, coined the term ‘Narcoterrorism’, due to the growing conflicts of those involved in the drugs trade.

(Photo Source: The Atlantic)

The Colombian FARC guerilla Group, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda have all been accused of Narcoterrorism.

The Taliban are traffickers of opium in Afghanistan, which is used to produce half of the world’s heroine.

(Photo Source: Forbes)

Osama Bin Laden was accused of selling cocaine to finance Al Qaeda. Although, it has been suggested that most of Al Qaeda funds came from rich Saudi donors, as well as the funds raised from kidnapping and holding people hostage.

The links between Al Qaeda’s involvement with drug trafficking organisations in South America have been recorded since the early 1990s.

There is an ongoing conflict in Colombia since 1964, between the Colombian Government, supported by the US Government and the United Kingdom, against far-right paramilitary organisations, and far-left guerilla groups, such as FARC.

Drug trafficking and terrorism have been huge problems within this conflict.

(Photo Source: Sunday Post)

It was reported in the Independent that 40% of the cocaine that reaches Europe, arrives from Africa, but is grown in Colombia and Peru. It is transported through the Highway 10. Boko Haram has control of drug trading routes through Niger to Europe.

Africa has its share of terrorist groups that use and sell cocaine, including Boko Haram, Al Shabab, and certain factions of Al Qaeda in Niger, Mali and Libya.

Drugs can been used to control the mind by leaders. In the 1960s, the infamous American cult leader Charles Manson used LSD to control his followers. His followers committed 9 murders.

It is likely that some terrorist organisations use drugs to control their followers’ minds too, and not just to fund their organisations.

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