Avocado price hike in Australia

By Carla Solo, February 2, 2018

(Photo Source: Reader’s Digest)

Avocado prices have hit records high in Australia, due to a shortage in the popular varieties Fuerte and Hass, according to the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA).

This period is known as the Great Avocado Depression to the Australians.

This has caused disappointment for the Australian people, as the Avocado is widely regarded as the Nation’s favourite fruit.

There has been a slow-down in the availability of Avocados, due to the logistics of harvesting and moving produce over the Christmas period.

Supply from New Zealand has also reduced, due to a rainy season.

(Photo Source: Northern Star)

John Tyas, the CEO of Avocados Australia, has said that this time last year 360,000 trays were being produced per week, but that figure has fallen below 100,000 in recent weeks.

Each tray costs $90 or more for retailers to purchase, which is twice the amount it costed last year.

The avocado now sells between $4 to $8 each in Australia, depending on the shop.

(Photo Source: News Corp Australia)

Some cafés in Australia that sell Avocado toast, are having to reduce the amount of avocado they use, from half an avocado per serving to just a quarter.

The Raw Espresso in Southport, Queensland have cut avocados from their menu altogether.

It is expected that North Queensland will harvest the avocado later this month, and the number of avocados that will hit the Australian markets is expected to rise shortly afterwards.

However, the prices of avocados are not expected to return to normal for at least a few months.

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