Are Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Jacob Rees-Mogg really plotting to replace Theresa May with a dream team?

Carla Solo, February 4, 2018

(Photo Source: The Times)

According to the Sunday Times, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Jacob Rees-Mogg are plotting to take over Theresa May’s cabinet as a hard Brexit ‘dream team’.

The claimed reason for the plot, is due to their disagreement with Theresa May’s plan to keep Britain in the tariff-free customs union with the EU.

The apparent pact they have made would mean that Boris Johnson would replace Theresa May as Prime Minister, Michael Gove would be the deputy leader, and Jacob Rees-Mogg would become the Chancellor of the exchequer.

(Photo Source: The Guardian)

This pact would ensure a hard Brexit would take place, which would see Britain out of the Customs Union.

After last week’s leaked Government documents that Brexit will hurt the U.K. economy, Jacob Rees-Mogg accused civil servants of ‘fiddling the figures’.

The hard Brexiteers in Theresa May’s cabinet accuse Chancellor Philip Hammond of trying to empose a soft Brexit on Britain, which they see as a way of blocking Brexit.

(Photo Source: The Newstatesman)

However, any type of pact would mean a leadership challenge to Theresa May in Parliament, and it would be down to Conservative MPs to see it through.

If Tory MPs lose confidence in Theresa May’s leadership, they would be required to nominate a new leader, and the two MPs that receive the most nominations would then be entered in a Conservative Party election, which the Conservative Party members would vote for.

This would make it harder for Boris Johnson to become leader, unless he is found to be popular with both Tory MPs and the Conservative Party members.

(Photo Source: The BBC)

However, Home Secretary Amber Rudd refutes the claim of a pact, and told Brexiteers that the Government is ‘more united than they think’ over Britain’s departure from the European Union.

She refused to say whether she would serve in Boris Johnson’s cabinet on The Andrew Marr Show this morning.

Theresa May herself has vowed to stay on as Prime Minister, and only last week said that she is ‘not a quitter’.

However, there is little doubt that she is facing increased pressure from her party, and only time will tell if she will be replaced by Boris Johnson.

(Photo Source: The Independent)

It has been a long held view by many that Boris Johnson wants to get into Number 10.

In the months leading up to the EU referendum, Boris Johnson had previously written an article in favour of remain, and another article in favour of leave, which led to him being accused by many of changing his views when the public seems to have done so.

In 2016, The Evening Standard exposed that Boris Johnson wrote a remain-backing draft article, just 2 days before he joined the official leave campaign.

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